Lesli Santibanez's Portfolio

Lesli's Portfolio

The collegicate program is a helpful program. This program helps some people to get responsibilities at a young age also to be responsible for their grade and work. The collegicate academy gives young people opportunities to get a head start on their college careers. It gives us a boost to finish 2 years of college in 4 highschool years. This is a good but at the same time bad thing because they be people who just get in to see how it feels to be in a college class and then get a falling grade and permanently get an F on their college background. I personally think the collegiate academy is a helpful program for people who are really willing to put their whole focus and worry about their future at a young age.

FTP Process

The ftp process starts by trying to log into your server. You need to first get in your files log into the "ftp://lsantibanez.jpward.net" and connect to your server. After you log in you need to transfer all your files into the web so you can connect back and forth to it. This helps because that way you can see the things you do and its easier for the professor to see these documents and see our work also to grade it. You also need to connect to this web so you can go live and see other class mates work so you can also get an idea of things. This is a very helpful way to do things but also its kinf of confussing to try and connect the page to the server but once you keep doing it it'll get easier to go back and forth to the server.